Aaniin ~ Welcome - Curve Lake First Nation Territory

CLFN Council Meeting


Monday December 4th, 2017
9:00 am
Council Chambers - Government Services Building

Regular Council meetings are held every second Monday throughout the year, unless the Monday falls on a Statutory Holiday, then it moves to the Tuesday following. Meetings take place in the Council Chambers at the Government Services Building. Curve Lake members are always welcome to be observers during the Open Session meetings beginning @ 9 am.

Delegates for all meetings must pre-register with Robin Steed, Executive Secretary by Thursday preceding the council meeting date. It will be determined if the matter is for the In Camera or Open Session. Delegates are normally allowed 15 minutes. Tiffany will confirm the approximate date and time for delegates to speak. 

Chief and Council Information

For more information or if you wish to be on the agenda for an upcoming Council meeting, please contact:

Robin Steed
Executive Secretary 
Curve Lake First Nation
Tel: 705-657-8045
Fax: 705-657-8708
Email: RobinS@curvelake.ca