Due to the continued outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, Curve Lake First Nation has decided that the Oshkiigmong Early Learning Centre and the Curve lake First Nation School will remain closed beyond April 6, 2020. At this time, we are unsure when the buildings will be open for children to return.

Access to School, OELC and Playgrounds – Access to all school and early learning buildings and grounds is completely restricted at this time. We know that the yards are important green spaces in our community, however, they are not currently safe places for children to play. There are concerns about touch points on playgrounds, and the need for physical distancing means avoiding public spaces.

Our decision was made for the best interest of the children and community of Curve Lake, and in line with the Provincial schools. Education staff have been deemed non-essential, therefore, staff are working from home. School staff will be contacting families and providing information on the school web-site.

We continue to take precautions to ensure the outbreak is minimized in this community and ask that you practice distancing and sanitization to assist with keeping your family healthy. We miss the children and hope that we can contain this virus and be reunited as soon as possible.