I was recently at a Pandemic information session and Dr. Sarah Minwanimad Funnell, who grew up near Alderville, shared an analogy that she had recently heard that might help our community members understand what an mRNA vaccine actually does. I wanted to share it with you too, because I found it really helpful. What Dr. Funnell explained is that our immune system is like a cookbook. It is full of recipes we need to fight any bacterial or viral infection we might get. When we get sick our immune system uses the cookbook to produce the antibodies or proteins we need to fight the infection. With COVID-19, we don’t have a recipe to fight the infection, so the mRNA vaccine gets put into our body and teaches our immune system the new recipe – the mRNA helps us to add a new page to our cookbook. Then, when we are exposed to the virus, COVID-19, our bodies know how to make the antibodies we need to fight the infection.

I hope you find that analogy useful, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our Health and Family Services team at 705.657.2557 or send me a message – emilyw@curvelake.ca I’m happy to chat any time.