Dear Members and Community of Curve Lake,

It is with great sadness to announce the loss of Murray Whetung at the age of 99. A veteran of

the Second World War, Murray was one of a handful of Curve Lake members that sacrificed

himself for country and family and for the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today.

A proud Michi Saagig, Murray never forgot his culture, roots and centuries old traditions that

were passed down to him and his siblings from his parents and grandparents. He and his wife

Elva were the proud parents of 13 children and over 50 grandchildren over the years, one of

which is the current Chief of Curve Lake, Emily Whetung.

As we say goodbye to our Grandpa, Chi-Shomis, Great-Grandpa, Great-Great-Grandpa,

Husband, Dad, Shomis, Uncle, Warrior, Veteran, Small Engine Mechanic, United Church Minister

and Good Friend, lest we forget a man that put his family before anything else, appreciated his

community, honoured his friends and did not give up when the going was tough, an inspiration

to all Curve Lakers, Canadians and those further away.

Chi-miigwetch Murray.