At last week’s Council meeting many decisions were made about how to safely and

slowly begin reopening our community. Information that came out from this meeting

was shared in a communique dated June 19, 2020, which was distributed last week

and can be viewed at:





I would like to once again take a moment to remind everyone that even though things

are opening, the safest place for you to be is at home. Please remember, Curve

Lake will continue to support you in doing this as we move forward. Our Window Flag

System remains in place whether you want to stay home or in the event you need to



Amendment to Order of Council: On midnight of June 19, 2020, our

entire membership and their immediate families were granted unrestricted access to

Curve Lake First Nation. Today, Council amended the Order further to

allow the immediate families of year-round residents unrestricted access to Curve

Lake First Nation as well.


We will continue to seek community input on these decisions so please feel free to

reach out to myself, your elected Councillors, and our Pandemic Coordinator, Kayla

Stephenson (kstephenson@loomex.ca) to share your thoughts.


We would like to again remind everyone that the safest place is in your own home,

without visitors. The fact that our community and the rest of the province is slowly

opening does not mean you need to go out. When you or your family consider

coming to Curve Lake, please remember the risks involved and the importance of

keeping those who are at risk of complications safe. If you are seeing family, visit

outside whenever possible. Maintain a distance of 2 meters (6 feet). Wash your

hands regularly. Try to limit the number of people you are interacting with, such as

the ‘social bubble’ poster that is attached.


Miigwetch. Stay safe, stay home.