Aaniin Curve Lake First Nation,

We are writing to you today for two reasons. First and foremost, Chief and Council want to inform you that the Emergency Operations Control Group has been moved to a different forum. The original purpose was to be able to respond quickly to any changes in the COVID-19 Pandemic. As the crisis developed it became apparent that all of Council was attending all of the Emergency Operations Control Group meetings. As a result, the elected Council as a whole, with specifically identified staff have agreed to meet twice a week to be responsive to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

We would also like to inform you that we have had extensive conversations with Peterborough Public Health in order to determine the extent of the risk to Curve Lake residents in allowing businesses to continue to operate. To be very clear, this does not relate just to the two gas stations. When we discuss closing our borders this will impact all businesses, including vehicle maintenance, electricians, plumbers, contractors, office rentals and any other businesses operating in Curve Lake.

Peterborough Public Health officials have advised us that if all businesses follow the recommended health and safety guidelines the operations and traffic at the gas stations are not increasing the risks to our community members.

Public Health officials have indicated that the best things we can do to keep our community safe is to provide for our community members who are at a higher risk and support them in being able to stay home. You will note that this was the first task Council and I accomplished. We were able to provide food very quickly to our membership and have been able to continue to support our membership with food, water and prescription pick-up. The flag system we have implemented is a great tool to continue to monitor the needs of our community. If any community member have other needs, we are committed to finding solutions that allow everyone who is elderly or vulnerable the ability to stay at home.

As you are aware, the only way this virus can spread is through contact. If you do not leave your home and you do not have visitors over, you will be completely insulated from this disease. Please reach out to us if you need assistance in protecting your safety by staying at home.