Aaniin Curve Lake, We have had a small number of COVID cases identified in Curve Lake over the weekend. We are not disclosing exact numbers as individuals have the right not to disclose who they are. Usually the confirmed cases are an under-estimation of the true number, as it only reflects people who have been tested. There are probably others who have COVID and who may not know. Remember: If you have symptoms, first self-isolate. Do not go anywhere. Testing is now more widely available – anyone with symptoms is able to be tested. If you have questions about testing, you can reach out to our Health and Family Services Team at (705) 657-2557 or Peterborough Public Health at (705) 743-1000. You can also contact Peterborough Regional Health Centre’s COVID-19 assessment centre directly by phone at (705) 876-5086. There is more information available along with access to the online self-assessment tool through Peterborough Public Health’s website: www.peterboroughpublichealth.ca

It is not surprising with the increased testing that we have had cases identified in our community. This number is expected to rise as more testing happens. If you have any symptoms and would like to arrange for testing you can request your Doctor make a referral to the Paramedic testing services. If you are rostered in Curve Lake to either the Doctor or the Nurse Practitioner, they can make this referral for you. If you do not have a family doctor, you call Peterborough Public Health’s COVID line directly or you can contact Alisa at the Health Centre in Curve Lake and she can make the referral for you.

The paramedic testing team will come to you and administer the test at your home. If you would like to have our Community Health Nurse, Alisa, attend with the paramedic this can certainly be arranged. Indigenous people living in a First Nation are a testing priority for the Province of Ontario.

Those who test positive are required by government Order to stay home and quarantine. Once someone tests positive, they are contacted by a Public Health Nurse from the local Public Health authority and are required to list everyone they have had close contact with for a two week period. This is called Contact Tracing. Anyone who has known, close contact with the positive case will be contacted by the same Public Health Nurse. The Public Health Nurse will contact both the positive individual and all close contacts for a two week period to monitor for symptoms. It can take between 5-6 days after close contact for you to test positive for the virus. During this time, you are required to isolate. If at any time you have difficulty breathing, call 911. 

It appears that Ontario has changed the curve and our health care facilities are not experiencing the overload that was expected. This does not mean we are in the clear – it is still incredibly important to remember the safest place to be is at home. Avoid going out. If you have to go out for essentials, make sure you maintain physical distancing.

Curve Lake continues to support those who need to isolate by delivering essentials. If you need to stay home, please contact us and we will continue to support you in doing so. Remember to use the flag system – this is the best way to stay healthy!