We truly hope that each of you are enjoying the medicine bundles that were delivered by our wonderful team of drivers from several departments to each member household in Curve Lake yesterday. Please take a moment to read the messaging and the prayer that were included and take this opportunity to connect to nature and our teachings.

Each household should have received a medicine bundle.

For households with anyone over the age of 55, you should have received a jar of syrup from the Curve Lake sugar bush with your medicines.

Any household that has anyone over the age of 70 should have received a face mask for that member as well.

If you have not received your package yet, or if you have received the wrong package, please let us know by emailing Katie Haddlesey at KatieYH@CurveLake.ca by the end of June.

For members off-territory, we have medicines for you as well!

If you are a member of Curve Lake living in another area of the world, please email Katie as well at KatieYH@CurveLake.ca by the end of June with your address and we will mail you out the same medicines that were delivered to the households in the community. We will work to get them to you as soon as we can.

Miigwetch. Take care of yourselves. Stay home and stay safe.