The Anishinabek Nation directed by Resolution #2018-30 is committed to advancing equality and providing supports for one of our most vulnerable populations, our Indigenous women and girls.

The Anishinabek Nation’s Coordinator of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Trans-Gendered and Two-Spirited (MMIWGT2S), Men and Boys is directed by our Chiefs-in-Assembly to work closely with our Kwe-Wuk (Women Elders) Council on the full implementation of the National Inquiry into MMIWG’s recommendations as outlined in their Final Report released on June 3rd. Specifically, the 231 Calls to Justice.

The purpose of this project is to assist our Coordinator of MMIWGT2S, Men and Boys and our Kwe-Wuk Council in the development of a comprehensive and focused Action Plan that will provide new sustainable options to respond to our member First Nations. The Action Plan must include a vision that establishes realistic and measurable targets for improvements in the quality of life for our community members experiencing all forms of violence, trauma and/or exploitation. Further, examining practices, policies and commission of inquiries to best inform recommendations on universal responses and contributors.

It is expected that interested Consultant’s work will offer project management expertise and analytical skills while taking into consideration a review of any existing research and data that might provide more insight into the current plights and ‘truths’ of our member First Nations, either individually or collectively. Especially including the National Inquiry into MMIWG’s Interim and Final Reports – and Strategic initiatives will better position the Anishinabek Nation’s response to these reports.


The Anishinabek Nation established the Union of Ontario Indians (UOI) as its secretariat in 1949. The Anishinabek Nation – UOI is a political advocate for 40 member communities across Ontario, representing approximately 66,000 First Nation citizens. The Anishinabek Nation – UOI is one of Canada’s leading First Nation organizations and employs 75 staff members.


The objective of the RFP for Strategic Planning Consultant is to solicit an organizational Action Plan and approach that is survivor-led, family-centered and community-directed to support better outcomes, including a vision, which meaningfully enhances the empowerment of women and girls to promote gendered-based equality and to eliminate barriers that are institutional, systemic, and colonial and/or those powered by intergenerational trauma and patriarchy.


Through the supervision and working with the Coordinator of MMIWGT2S and Men and Boys and our Kwe-Wuk Council, the Consultant will lead research and writing of the key project deliverables, including the following:
– Inform a baseline for current and existing programs and best practices based on an environmental scan of the current landscape, coinciding with an inventory of key programs and services.
– Inform an outline of available resources and opportunities for the successful and innovative application of funding models.
– Develop an Action Plan that will include a clear vision statement.
– Identify systemic gender based biases to ensure known abusers with a pattern of intimate partner violence could not continue to behave in predictable ways. They could not continue to commit these preventable tragedies; we are committed to keeping our member First Nations safe from all forms of violence.
– Establish a vision that must not only reflect the above vital key points but also anticipate the potential challenges the Anishinabek Nation– UOI will face in the future, in its efforts to meet the goals set forth in the Action Plan (i.e. service and/or funding gaps).


Utilizing available deliberations on the prevalence of violence as experienced by our Indigenous women and girls, which translates over to the crisis of Missing and Murdered; the Consultant will formulate a rationale for why the full implementation of the 231 Calls to Justice are required to improve outcomes for the safety and security of our most vulnerable citizens.


Interested Consultants will be required to provide their proposal and a detailed work plan that understands and considers all identified objectives. It is expected the successful applicant will develop a final version of the Action Plan that will evaluate and inform the practical next steps for implementation of the 231 Calls to Justice. Draft sections of the Action Plan will be shared for feedback on an ongoing basis and prior to the completion of a final version of the Action Plan.


2-3 days (MAX)
Consultant to perform environmental scan and review reports from the National Inquiry into MMIWG.
2-3 days (MAX)
Facilitate in-person meeting with the Coordinator of MMIWGT2S and Men and Boys and the Kwe-Wuk Council to formulate an Action Plan based on a collective vision.
2-3 days (MAX)
Produce and provide a final draft of an Action Plan. The Coordinator of MMIWGT2S and Men and Boys will circulate to the Kwe-Wuk Council for feedback and approval.


Proposal should include the anticipated costs to complete the Action Plan, including any travel related costs and key personnel involved in the project. The Anishinabek Nation– UOI is prepared to offer and secure the services of a note taker to assist the Consultant. Any additional costs may be negotiated prior to finalizing the contract.


Each interested Consultant must submit an electronic copy in PDF format of their proposal, work plan, timelines for completing the project to fit the above schedule, any relevant experiences, and identify three (3) references.


Only complete proposals received by October 29, 2019 by 4:30 p.m. will be considered.

PLEASE NOTE: The project completion deadline will be ten (10) days after the agreed upon start date as indicated with the signed contract.

Please address submissions to:
Anishinabek Nation (Union of Ontario Indians)
P.O. Box 711, 1 Migizii Miikan Road
North Bay, ON P1B 8J8

Attention: Director of Corporate Services
Packages must be clearly marked: “RFP: ANISHINABEK NATION STRATEGIC

All enquiries about this request for proposals should be directed to:
Rebecca Timms, Coordinator of MMIWGT2S and Men and Boys
Telephone: (705) 497-9127/ 1-877-702-5200, Ext. 2272
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