As the new School Year plans unfold, I am working to develop a safe plan for students who will need to travel to school by bus.

  1. KPRDSB students will return to school September 11-15, 2020 with a full return by September 18, 2020
  2. PVNSCCDSB students will return to school September 10-15, 2020, with a full return by September 16
  3. CLFN School students will return to school on October 5, 2020 at the earliest

I have been unable to procure additional buses due to a bus driver shortage, therefore, I need to be creative so that I am not putting students in an unsafe situation.  My thoughts are that I will assist families who can drive their children/youth to school, with a monthly gas card with a nominal amount to assist with gas.  This offer is for High School students as well, who have their license to drive. I encourage families with bubbles, to car pool their children.  This will increase the distancing I can do on the buses. We will monitor the situation and add students to the buses as appropriate.

I need to know if your child will require a seat on a bus.

Staff who work in Provincial Schools will be returning to work on August 31 and they will be contacting all parents who have children in Provincial Schools to ask if your child/youth requires a seat.  This is for all CLFN students, grades 4-12 living on reserve.  St. Peter Secondary School students will have the opportunity to remain on the bus they travelled on last year, or obtain gas cards to drive.

CLFN School staff will be contacting families to ask their busing needs.

Please consider driving your children to school if possible, so that we can accommodate families who need to use the buses.  I will support your needs and try to assist with any accommodations that are required.

Working together we can create safe travel for the students of CLFN.

Louise Musgrave, Education Manager