CLFN Clinic Services return to regular hours

Memo to: Curve Lake Health Centre Clinic Patients

From: Dr Jonathan Mallory and Health Centre Clinic Staff

Date: April 4th, 2018


This is to notify patients of Dr. Mallory of the return to full services at the clinic. Physician services available Monday and Thursdays, Nurse Practitioner appointments will be available Monday thru Friday, and Registered Nursing services will be available. The Registered Nursing services will see a change of RN as Carolyn Vardy is no on her maternity leave and Barb Longlong RN will be covering this position in her absence.

We would ask for the understanding of the community/clinic patients that initially appointment wait times may be longer than usual as the Clinic Staff work diligently to address the backlog of appointments and patient needs. This will be done based on a triage system as per the MD/NP.

During office hours call the clinic number 705-657-1544 to book appointments and for inquiries regarding your health care. For after office hours needs, please call the clinic number 705-657-1544 and listen to the options regarding information for Greater Peterborough Family Health Team After-Hours clinic and the PRHC Paediatric Outpatient clinic (POP Clinic).

Other Clinic Business:

We will take this opportunity for a friendly reminder regarding prescriptions renewals. The Practitioners request ample time for medication renewal requests, same day or next day renewal services is not in most occasions reasonable as direct patient care takes priority. It is the patient’s responsibility to contact the Curve Lake Health centre to arrange delivery once the pharmacy has processed the order.

Thank you from all the Clinic staff, we are happy to resume full services as we move forward into the Spring/Summer season!