Committee Fair

September 12, 2019

Post-Presentations Summary

Member acknowledges the importance of Louise Musgrave’s past work within the Education Committee. Member questions reasons behind age range (15-25) for the Youth Council Committee.

Chief Emily Whetung and Nicholas McDonald explain that it’s a result of the previous terms of reference. Chief expresses the possibility of looking into this matter in the future.

Member asks about the Rights & Resources, Consultation & Culture Committee, specifically about the differences between Aboriginal Rights and Treaty Rights and if the Committee will explain these differences.

Chief states that this will be discussed in the Committee. Councillor Saga Williams states that part of the function of the Committee will be to educate the community and create awareness about treaties. Some of this will include the approach taken and the work that goes into implementing important decisions, such as the Williams Treaty.

Member asks why Housing and Public Works are combined.

Chief explains that this is a result of recommendations passed down from staff, specifically to lessen the burden on resources, but also to allow committees to operate in a more efficient manner.

Member is concerned that meetings could become quite long as a result of combining Housing and Public Works, with the further addition of Capital into one committee.

Chief expresses her confidence in appointed portfolio-holders.

Member states that the Elders Design Team (EDT), although not a committee next term, still operates.

Chief concurs and mentions that EDT is in the process of concluding their report and are ready to move into the decision-making phase.

Shawn Williams concurs.

Member adds that there will be an upcoming meeting concerning this report.

Member also mentions that membership was not included in past committee mandates.

Chief explains that membership is primarily dealt with two committees: Lands & Environment, Governance & Nation Building.

Member asks how Chief was appointed to the Finance Committee.

Chief stresses the importance about financial transparency, a commitment she had made prior to being elected Chief.

Member asks whether procedure and terms of reference will be changed easily.

Chief explains that terms of reference are on the agenda and that a draft is being prepared with updates. Chief also states that all portfolio-holders acknowledge the importance of this matter.

Councillor Crystal Cummings explains that Chief is ex officio* member of all committees.

Chief concurs.

Another member asks whether Chief is a voting member.

Chief affirms that she is a voting member at the committee level. Some community members believed that the Chief did not possess such rights. Council addressed this question on September 23, 2019, and came to the conclusion that the Chief, as ex officio is indeed a member of each committee with voting rights.

*Ex officio definition: by virtue or because of an office (source: