Through hard work and determination it was our ancestors that shaped and made our First Nation the great place it is today. Here in Curve Lake, we have a special uniqueness that we are proud of. For instance, we are home to:

  • The very first Anishinaabe Kwe O’gimaa (Native Woman Chief) in Canada – Elsie Knott (1954)
  • World renowned artisans Norman Knott, Alice Williams and David Johnson
  • The famous Whetung’s Art Gallery (established in 1960s)

Although not as prominent, our culture, language and old ways of living are still with us. Over the last century, we’ve become a model community to surrounding First Nations.

Our people are our most valuable resource. More specifically, the people of Curve Lake First Nation include members and non-members alike. Presently, our First Nation’s registered membership is approximately 2,500 (1,800 off reserve and 700 on reserve). The total non-member population is approximately 600. Therefore, the total member and non-member population is approximately 3,100. Our members reside in the 300 plus households located throughout the First Nation.

Curve Lake First Nation is located approximately 25 kms northeast of Peterborough, Ontario. The First Nation territory consists of a mainland peninsula and large island (Fox Island) on Buckhorn and Chemong Lake. Curve Lake First Nation also co-owns smaller islands located throughout the Trent Severn Waterway system. The total land base of the First Nation is approximately 900 hectares.


Photo: Elsie Knott