The Finance Department is a centralized services provider designed to ensure that all operating revenues including investments and expenditures of the organization are properly managed and accounted for. It is the goal of the Finance Department to provide high level financial controls, systems, and reports needed to maintain and monitor budgets, as well as provide transparency and accountability to all external stakeholders and more importantly membership.

Gchi Tachii Kehgamig Zhoonia - Gaming Revenue Fund

The Gaming Revenue Fund (GRF) is a program that provides Curve Lake First Nation with the opportunity to access funding allocated from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) in an effort to enhance our First Nation. OLG revenue is provided to Curve Lake First Nation through an agreement that is managed by the Ontario First Nations Limited Partnership 2008 (OFNLP 2008).

Each year the budget is divided up proportionally to ensure adequate distribution for the potential Community-based project(s). By percentage, the present allocations are as follows:

Administration     10%
Member 50%
Organization 40%

Projects supported must benefit Curve Lake First Nation and fit one of the five designated areas, which are: Health, Education, Community Development, Cultural Development and Economic Development.

Fund Goals and Objectives:

  • That the GRF is approved and managed by members of Curve Lake First Nation
  • To provide access to financial resources to assist Applicants in achieving desired goals and objectives for the betterment of the First Nation
  • To financially support community projects/activities that do not have adequate sources of funding and to enhance those that do

Many key elements are involved with ensuring the Fund is properly managed and administered annually. They are:

GRF Administrator: The Administrator is responsible for the daily management and administration of the Fund. The Administrator is also tasked with the responsibility of assisting applicants whenever possible to ensure applications for projects are completed and managed properly. The Administrator reports directly to the Finance Manager.

GRF Committee: The GRF Committee oversees the community directed spending of and reporting on specified gaming revenues received by Curve Lake First Nation (Ontario First Nation Limited Partnership Agreement and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and any interest derived from CLFN investment of gaming revenues).

It is important to note that the GRF Committee meets monthly to review projects.

GRF Applications: New Applicants should meet with the Fund Administrator prior to completing a Statement of Intent and Application form. Forms can be found in the Applications section on the home page and must be received by the last business day of each month.

Aabjichganan - Information Technology

Reporting to the Finance Manager, IT Support staff provides network and computer support for the organization. Activities include day-to-day technical support for staff, network maintenance, purchasing and configuration of equipment, videoconferencing, webcasting, and support for off-site CLFN events.