The Lands & Resources Consultation staff provide liaison services between Curve Lake First Nation Membership, Curve Lake Government and external agencies, governments, and/or proponents on any proposed development or legislative amendments impacting treaty and aboriginal rights.

To ensure our interests and rights are being protected within our territory, on May 27th, 2013, Curve Lake Chief & Council adopted the “Curve Lake First Nation Consultation and Accommodation Standards” and on January 1st, 2016 the document came into effect. All Governments and companies interested in doing business or making decisions about any developments within the traditional and treaty territory of Curve Lake First Nation need to take notice.

Archaeological resources are of great interest to our First Nation and need to be respected in the proper way. To ensure the proper respect is given to our ancestors and their belongings, Curve Lake First Nation is proud to offer trained Cultural Heritage Liaisons to work alongside archaeologists on any First Nation site within our territory. In addition to our Consultation and Accommodation Standards, Curve Lake First Nation also maintains an Archaeological Protocol that came into effect on September 26th, 2016. This Protocol outlines Curve Lake First Nation’s expectations and processes when conducting archaeological assessments within our territory.  To request a Cultural Heritage Liaison or if you have any questions about the fees or the program please contact our Liaison. 

Curve Lake First Nation is proud of our heritage and history and highlights both through the Lands and Resources Consultation Department and through the Archaeological Program administration. It is encouraged that proponents and governments are educated about Curve Lake First Nation and we are pleased to offer two historical documentary films: “Oshkigmong – A Place Where I Belong” that provides a historical, treaty and current day perspective of Curve Lake First Nation; and “Inaakonigewin Andaadad Aki: Michi Saagig Treaties” that looks at the various treaties the Michi Saagig (Mississauga Nation) participated in between 1781 and 1923. There are 46 treaties that cover the lands of Ontario, eighteen of which include the Michi Saagig. Each video is $10.00 plus shipping and any profits are allocated towards producing additional historical videos. Videos can be purchased through the Consultation Department and the Curve Lake First Nation Cultural Centre.

The Consultation and Accommodation Standards and Archaeological Protocol are also located in the Bylaws/Policies section on the home page. If you prefer, you may request to receive a hard copy by contacting one of the staff from the department.

Archeological artifacts collected from various sites in southern Ontario
Archeological dig on Rice Lake
Cultural Heritage Liaison students working at a site on Rice Lake