Letter to Lessees From Chief & Council – April 20, 2021


At a recent Emergency Council meeting, many discussions were had on how to begin safely and slowly welcoming back seasonal lessees into the community. I know that you, as seasonal residents, are anxious to hear how these discussions will impact you.

We would like to start by recognizing the efforts of our leasing community – permanent and seasonal – at this time. Any outbreaks Curve Lake previously has had did not grow in size, unlike the current outbreak in Peterborough that has been ballooning for weeks. We have stayed home, we have given up family gatherings, trips to the cottage, and for the most part, we have remained safe and healthy. Miigwetch to all of you for the sacrifices you have made.

Starting March 3, 2021, Curve Lake First Nation began the vaccination process for on-territory residents (members and non-members) and off-territory members that are interested in being vaccinated.

As we continue the vaccination process, it is important to remain careful. It takes time for the vaccine to help our bodies build the immunities necessary to keep us safe. We must continue to make sacrifices until we are all vaccinated and have had time to build immunities. It remains a priority to ensure our community is vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Lands Department will be working on a plan to welcome seasonals residents back to Curve Lake as soon as we are able to. As your area of residence can create increased exposure to our community members, we are carefully examining the safest way to go about this process.

Effective April 8, 2021 at 12:01 a.m., the Provincial Government declared a third state of emergency and implemented a stay-at-home order for the next six (6) weeks. This measure was a direct result of the alarming surge in variant case numbers and COVID-19 hospitalizations (specifically ICU admissions) across the province. Council is pleading that ALL seasonal lessees’ lockdown at their permanent homes until further notice. In addition, we are asking that permanent lessees avoid having anyone outside of their household at their residence.

The Lands Department will be monitoring on a regular basis to ensure compliance. Failure to comply with the above may mean that you will be asked to vacate Curve Lake for the entire spring/summer season.

As you know, since the beginning of the pandemic Curve Lake has remained in an increased state of closure. Since Premier Ford’s announcement, our buildings have now closed to the public and most of our staff continue to work from home.

We are working closely with Peterborough Public Health to understand, as best we can, what would be the most conscientious steps for our community to take as we move forward. Curve Lake is a unique community, in a unique geographic location with unique needs.

As stated by Premier Doug Ford at his press conference on April 7, 2021:

“To boil it down as simple as possible, folks please stay home unless it is for an essential reason. The situation is extremely serious, and we just need to hunker down right now, we need to limit mobility.”

We join all levels of government to repeat the directions already given to people: the safest place during the COVID-19 pandemic is in your own home. Please avoid non-essential travel and only leave your home for essential reasons, for example: groceries, pharmacy and medical appointments. The less you travel outside of your home, the safer you will be. Please abide by the direction given by health and government authorities to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

With the number of cases continuing to rise, there are still many uncertainties and unknowns at this time that make this process challenging. The increase of COVID-19 variant cases is creating an even greater risk given their ability to spread in outdoor settings.

Finally, your continued patience is very much appreciated. We recognize and respect the important role the seasonal residents play in our community. Council understands the challenges and uncertainty the pandemic has created, but your consideration for the health of our community continues to be commendable.

Please continue to reach out to the Lands Department if you require any assistance.