[CURVE LAKE FIRST NATION] Chief Emily Whetung and the Council of Curve Lake First

Nation are extremely pleased to announce that they received confirmation last week from

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) that they will be receiving $2,256,693 for the detailed design

of a Surface Water Treatment Plant and water distribution system.


This announcement follows almost 37 years of work by the First Nation, completing studies,

tests, and research relating to the need for a clean water system in the community. The First

Nation struggles with a lack of clean water, dry wells, water advisories and systems too small to

serve the growing community. Though the community is located on a peninsula, regulations and

the lack of a distribution system have made it impossible to access this water.


“This announcement represents the largest step forward for water security in our community in

almost half a century”, stated Chief Emily Whetung. “Our community cannot grow, build

houses, become self-sufficient or develop our business community in any substantial way,

without access to clean and reliable water. Today, I am proud to have been a part of the hard

and persistent work of our Council and staff, which has led us to this very exciting step. We

greatly appreciate the support from Indigenous Services Canada and look forward to working

with their team through the design phase and making the Curve Lake Water Treatment Plant a



The $2.2 Million dollars will be released over two years and will be used to undertake the

detailed design work, engage a Value Engineering firm and a Professional Quantity Surveyor.

Curve Lake First Nation is located approximately 25km north of the City of Peterborough and

has approximately 2,350 registered members (living on and off the First Nation). The total

population of the community is approximately 2,700 (members and non-members) located

throughout the First Nation.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the information contained in this release, please

contact Mile Lazarevski, Communications/Community Engagement Officer at