Memo: Curve Lake Health Centre Clinic Patients

From: Dr. Mallory and Amanda Marshall NP-PHC

Date: March 18,2020

We are remaining open during our regular scheduled office hours. Due to the recent COVID-19 Outbreak, we will be triaging patient’s needs by phone, spacing our appointment times, and rescheduling elective and non-urgent appointments. We will be offering telephone appointments where appropriate.

If you have a new, urgent health concern, please call our office at 705-657-1544, and you will be triaged and offered an appointment and /or  further instructions.

If you have travelled and/or concerned about exposure to the COVD-19 virus, please call the Peterborough Family Health Unit at 705-743-1000 x 401, or Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 or email the Peterborough Family Health Unit at

Please do not go to the Hospital Emergency room with NON-URGENT PROBLEMS. Please call for the After-Hours Clinic-Information first.

If you need Prescription renewals, have your Pharmacist send a fax to our office. There is still delivery available for you, provided through the Medical Centre Driver.

Thank you all for your continued support during this very difficult and rapidly changing time.

Dr. Mallory, Amanda Marshall NP-PHC and Staff.