New Non-Insured Health Benefits (NHIB) Program Updates

Pharmacy Benefit Information

NIHB Drug Exception Centre Now Taking Client Calls
Updated Drug Benefit List
Expanded Coverage for Treatment of Hepatitis C
New Coverage of Metoject
New Coverage for Medication to Treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Formulary for Adjunct Medications Used During Cancer Treatment
New Coverage of Antibiotic Skin Cream and Ointment

Dental Benefit Information
NIHB Partial Denture Trial Project

Medical Supplies and Equipment
New Coverage for Completely-in-Canal Hearing Aids
Increased Reimbursement Rate for Custom-Made Foot Orthotics
Change in Prescriber Requirements for CPAP Benefits

General Information
Update on the Transition to Department of Indigenous Services Canada
Information for Parents and Guardians of NIHB-Eligible Infant Children
A reminder of One-Year Reimbursement Policy

 If you have questions about the NIHB Program, please call Joanne Pine, Community Health Representative at 705-657-2557 or NIHB general inquiries 1-800-640-0642