Notice to Curve Lake Community Regarding Services

Curve Lake,

Today Chief and Council came together and decided, in the interest of protecting our community, to close all Curve Lake First Nation buildings and all upcoming programming until April 6, 2020. Staff will be able to work from home effective tomorrow. We have identified the following list of services essential to our community that will continue to operate:

Food Bank
Ontario Works (no in-person service)
Community Health Nurse
Community Health Representatives (including water monitoring & NIHB)
Medical Transportation Drivers
Medication Pick-up & Delivery
Finance (limited services)
Public Works (limited services)
Housing (for emergency repairs only)

Should you require services not listed above, our front desk will be able to take calls and can be reached at 705.657.8045.

At the emergency meeting of Council it was determined that members can have the option of deferring their mortgage payment for the month of April – this payment will be moved to the end of the mortgage. Please contact the Housing Department at the number above for more information and resources.

Similarly, Curve Lake is prepared to have conversations with individual renters who may face a hardship in the coming month. If you think you need assistance with rental payments for the month of April, please reach out to our Housing Department at the number above.

Curve Lake is preparing care packages with some emergency supplies for the Elderly and those most vulnerable to complications from COVID-19. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please contact us at 705.657.8045.

These measures have been implemented to allow community members and employees the opportunity to stay at home in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19 to our Elders and our most vulnerable. At this time, we have not implemented our Community Emergency Plan as we are hopeful that the above measures will help prevent a state of emergency in our community. This coupled with proper hygiene, social distancing, and avoiding unnecessary outings, may be able to ‘flatten the curve’ allowing healthcare providers the ability to keep pace with the outbreak.

Chief and Council will continue to monitor daily and will be ready to make all necessary decisions.