Osprey Bay Naming Proposal – Seeking Input from Curve Lake

I am writing on behalf of retired Head Councillor Keith Knott, who is a member of the Ontario Geographic Names Board, to see if Curve Lake First Nation has any knowledge or input into the naming of a feature that may be located in your traditional area.

We have posted an online questionnaire regarding the name application on our website: www.ontario.ca/page/geographic-names. Scroll down the page to see links to all current questionnaires.

Please fill in the questionnaire as soon as possible, so that we have your input in time for the Board’s next meeting in November 2018, when a decision will be made about the naming application. Your input is greatly valued by the Board to assist during its decision making process. The deadline to submit the questionnaire is October 29, 2018. If we do not hear back from you before the deadline, we will assume that you have no concerns with the proposed name.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance. If you have any questions you may direct them to Jennifer McMurray at 705-755-2134 or by email Jennifer.McMurray@ontario.ca.