Water saving tips and measures that you can do – every day!

Water is a Shared Resource

We all depend on water and expect it to be
available when we need it, but when the
precipitation we receive (rainfall and snow)
falls below average, we experience low water
conditions and even drought. During low
water conditions and drought, it is especially
important to conserve water and use it wisely
in our daily routines and activities.
The source of our water is surface water from
rivers, streams, and lakes, and groundwater.
These sources are naturally replenished with
rainfall and melting snow. Remember – Water
is a Shared Resource.

How much water do YOU use?
Here are some facts about how much water
we use at home in our daily routines and

Water Conservation

There are many ways to reduce the amount of water used
in and around your home every day. You can make small
changes that have BIG impacts by following the 3 Rs of
water conservation:

Reduce water use by changing a few habits
Repair leaks promptly
Retrofit fixtures to more water-efficient standards.

Several municipalities within the Otonabee Region
Watershed have an outdoor water use bylaw. Check with
your local municipality for details about where and when
water restrictions are in effect.
Taking water from streams by pumping it into containers
can impact other water users and the ecological function of
streams. Also, it is not recommended to fill dry wells with
surface water or treated water. Instead, check with your
municipality to find out if a water-filling station or bulk
water supplies are available. A permit from the Ministry of
Environment and Climate Change may be required for
larger amounts.