Since 1996, the Curve Lake First Nation Health Centre has made tremendous strides with respect to providing primary care and programming that meet the community’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health care needs.

Being a community health centre, a strong emphasis is placed on health promotion and chronic illness prevention throughout the lifecycle (from prenatal to senior citizen programming).

The Health Centre is equipped with qualified staff that works together as a team to put in place the supports that are necessary for the health and wellbeing of all our membership.

Credit must be given to: our custodian who ensures the health and safety needs of our facility are met; and, dedicated community members who sit on the Health and Family Services Committee to provide us guidance on the policies, programs and services delivered.8

Mission Statement

The Curve Lake First Nation Health and Family Services Team will work together to support and educate the individuals and families of the Curve Lake First Nation in their self-defined pursuit of a healthy and dignified life.

Enzhinamewang Gwayakwaajmowining (Aanishnaabemowin Translation)

Waayaag Zaagigan Nitam Nishnaabe Shkongan Giigewendaagoziwining geh odoozhiinwinwaa ebaamiitaagejig gamaawndonokiiwag chi bimih aasnaawaad geh chi bimi Kinoom a wawaad ezhi bimi bebezhgomjin geh adoozhiinwinwaa Waayaag Zaagigan Nitam Nishnaabeh Shkonganing wiidokaadwaad aezhimaajiishkaajig mnogiigewendaag-oziwining geh kichitwaawendaagoziwining.

Vision Statement (2011)

That the individuals and families of the Curve Lake First Nation experience a healthy life that is rich in Anishnaabe experiences, personal growth, and a true sense of community being.

Naagwidsowin Gwayakwaadziwining (Aanishnaabemowin Translation)

Giwh ebimibebeshkojig geh odoozhiinwinwaa Wayaag Zaagigan Nitam Nishnaabe Shkongan kikendaanaawaa maa nishnaabeg kchi mno giigehwendaagoziwining ewaandiziiwiyaag imaa enzhi kwigwaad kitchitwaawendaagdinig.