Small Business Centre Upgrades

As you are likely aware, the Small Business Centre is undergoing some changes. What you may not be aware that the tree removal at the front of the building is just the very beginning of a large project to return the exterior of the building to its former attractive state.

Over the years, the building has experienced some flooding and issues with ice due to poor water flow and drainage. The paint is chipping, bees are entering the building, and the lack of proper eaves troughs have caused damage to the front of the building.

This Summer/Fall, we will be bringing in a number of contractors to complete the following work:

  • Remove the existing flower beds and replace them with armor stone flower beds
  • Complete exterior painting
  • News eaves troughs and down spouts
  • Removal of the bottom two feet of wood across the front of the building, replaced with stone veneer
  • Complete excavation of the front of the building, removal of interlocked stone. To be replaced with new pavement, that will allow for proper wheelchair access
  • The addition of drainage across the front of the building to mitigate pooling and to re-direct water flow
  • The excavation and redirection of water flow across the rear of the building
  • The addition of drainage and culverts across the back parking lot
  • Repair and proper drainage installed along rear wheelchair ramp
  • The integration of a pollinator and/or traditional medicine garden (possibly with the assistance of the students from the Curve Lake School)
  • Removal of the tree under the road-side sign. Replace with armor stone feature

We hope to have the renovations and upgrades completed by the end of October, weather permitting. While the renovations take place, there will be some disruption to our tenants and their guests, but we hope to keep these to a minimum. Please bear with us as we move through the process.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Katie Young-Haddlesey,, 705.657.8045 Ext. 227. Miigwetch