We stand in Unity with those protecting the inherent rights of First Nations

We stand in Unity with those protecting the inherent rights of First Nations – those protecting the lands and the natural resources for future generations. We honour and abide by our seven sacred teachings given to us by Creator. In the spirit of those teachings we declare the following:

The Council of Curve Lake First Nation recognizes that we all benefit from the resources provided by Mother Earth across all of Turtle Island and that all of creation is sacred. We recognize that our ancestors protected mother earth for our use and benefit.  It is our responsibility to protect our environment for our children, who are our sacred gift and their well-being is our primary responsibility.

Today, we are declaring our support for the people in the Mi’kmaq Territory of what is now known as Atlantic Canada. The territory of the Mi’kmaq has never been surrendered to the Crown or the Canadian Government by land cession Treaties, however their rights have been acknowledged by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1999.  The  Mi’kmaq have the right to earn a living from the land and waters, including the commercial right to harvest lobster.  The non-Indigenous CANNOT interfere with this Constitutionally protected right.

Our support for the Mi’kmaq is for the recognition of the truth and history of the Indigenous peoples so that reconciliation can take place. Curve Lake takes a stand against the excessive and potentially deadly use of force by the non-Indigenous fishermen or any other colonial body as this prevents meaningful dialogue between any First Nation and the Canadian Government.

The fact is that the Mi’kmaq have the right to harvest lobster and any interference with that right must result in action by the Canadian government.  Curve Lake supports the dialogue necessary for the recognition of inherent Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, along with the continued recognition that the harvesting rights of the Mi’kmaq have never been ceded.  Our Council works towards reconciliation and continued dialogue on these matters and is the only way to peacefully achieve commonality, understanding and respect.  We pray for the safety of the Mi’kmaq people and that justice is served on those that attempt to injure or interfere with those exercising their inherent rights.

Miigwetch and in Unity,

Chief Emily Whetung on behalf of Curve Lake Council


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