Dear CLFN Students, Parents and Community,

The Ontario Ministry of Education has extended School closures until May 31, 2020. The CLFN School and Oshkiigmong Early Learning Centre will remain closed as well.

The Education Department is working in a different capacity now and we are pleased with how our staff have become accustomed to the virtual classrooms and workplaces.  Providing services for students from home has been challenging, but also an opportunity to be creative and connect with families in a new way.

Our Post-Secondary Officer, Provincial staff, Principal, Teachers and Early Learning staff have reached out to parents and students to make sure you are still connected.  Thank you to all the students and families who are accessing the online learning and information and to those who are reaching out to the staff for assistance.  Together we will get back to the classrooms, playrooms, and offices in a safe and healthy manner.

For those at home using the online opportunities and seeking resources so that learning continues at home; remember to be kind to yourselves.  During this trying time, many have different realities at home, and we are here to support you, but not add to the burden of self-isolating.  Your children are important to us and if learning and online platforms are working for your family, congratulations and soldier on.  If you are finding that the assignments or activities are adding to your stress, then reach out to the Education staff for suggestions or support.  Some days it will be more important to hold your family close and get through the day.  Whatever your situation is we are here to assist, or just to listen and understand.

All Education staff are available through the email system, and I believe most of you have that information, if not you can reach me at and I will redirect you to the appropriate staff.

For off-reserve families, your School Boards will have reached out to you and I encourage you to contact them if you are having any difficulties.  Please take care and continue to self-isolate, practice appropriate distancing and hygiene and keep your families safe.