Kinomaage-Waapkong is a sacred teaching site for our people, it has been utilized for generations of Anishinabeg and remains to be an active sacred site for our people, it is also known internationally by Indigenous groups such as far as Columbia South America who frequently visit the sacred site. When you visit the Kinomaage-Waapkong, you will be greeted by a Curve Lake First Nation member at the visitor centre to the site.


Kinomaage-Waapkong Advisory Committee is a committee established by Chief and Council of Curve Lake First Nation to work in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources/Ontario Parks to ensure that proper cultural protocol and content are followed and implemented at the sacred site. The committee is comprised of Elders, Youth, a Councillor, Community members and MNR/Ontario Parks, and resource staff.

Committee member roles and responsibilities are to provide recommendations and updates on issues relative to the Kinomaage-Waapkong, to Curve Lake First Nation members, Chief and Council, Union of Ontario Indians, Chiefs of Ontario, the Ministry of Natural Resources/Ontario Parks and the Park staff. Areas of language, culture, traditions, employment, training programs and services pertaining to the Kinomaage-Waapkong are just some of the areas that their responsibilities focus on.

For inquiries regarding ceremony, please contact the Curve Lake Cultural Centre.


2249 Northery’s Bay Road
Woodview, Ontario K0L 3E0
Phone: 705-877-2552


Tracey Taylor
Secretary – Kinomaage-Waapkong Committee
Cultural Centre
Curve Lake First Nation
Phone: 705-657-2758
Fax: 705-657-3413